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J. Mardrice


Actor | Writer | Director | Producer

SAG-Eligible | AEA



J. Mardrice is an actor, playwright, storyteller, reader of mystery books and a generally nice and goofy dude. He grew up in rural North Carolina, yet he has never let his small town beginnings impede upon his BIG dreams!

Upon graduating from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama, J. Mardrice relocated to Durham, NC where he remains active in the local theatre and film scene. In 2019, he graced National Black Theatre Festival stage in a sold-out premiere. His work as Richard Wright with Ebzb Productions has recently provided him the chance to be inducted into the Actor’s Equity Association.


 A review in the INDY week, written by Byron Woods quotes, "[J. Mardrice] was strong as Martin [in Fool for Love by Sam Shepard], the hapless local swain who gets caught up in this three-way, long-term emotional tug of war. He's the odd man out in a intriguing cryptogram of relationships

He has also performed in numerous indie features, new media projects and plays.

J. Mardrice’s dream roles include: Walter Younger in “A Raisin in the Sun”, a biopic on the life of Louis Armstrong, and more!

When J. isn’t acting, he’s writing his own works in hopes of producing and/or publishing them.





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