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TOURING                             BEGINS SPRING 2019



as Richard Wright

Native by Ian Finley is a relevant and powerful production based on the true story of the collaboration between Pulitzer Prize winner, Paul Green, and the prodigy author of Native Son, Richard Wright. Produced by EbzB Productions, Native features David zum Brunnen as Paul Green and J. Mardrice as Richard Wright. Serena Ebhardt directs.

Native details the metamorphic debate between Paul Green and Richard Wright. The authors were originally brought together by the Mercury Theatre to adapt Wright’s novel, Native Son for the stage. Green, a white southern professor, and Wright, a self-educated African-American with communist sympathies,  forge a deep respect for each other as they discuss systemic discrimination of African-Americans.  They start their collaboration in Chapel Hill, NC like a “house on fire.”  


Then in 1941, with World War II on the horizon, the two authors meet again in New York for rewrites.  Orson Welles’ Broadway production is already in rehearsal.  Differences over a single page of the script create an impasse between Green and Wright.  A life-changing dialogue about who has the right to tell the story of race, politics and social class ensues.  In spite of their common goal to affect social change, the scintillating revelations dissolve the friendship of the two influential social justice authors.




as Todd Austen

Hype is a 5-episode web series (TV show formatted for the Internet), set in Durham, NC, about the decisions we make to accept our reality, or to escape it.

Presented by RUNAWAY®

The story of HYPE centers around a young man, Smiles, who is trying to buy the house of his adolescent love so she can move back to the city they both grew up in. He works as a manager at a local market to save up the money, but it’s not coming in fast enough.

When he’s approached by a young woman (Ava) who tells him he is the perfect co-founder for her new company, he hesitantly agrees — not entirely sure of his role. As the company develops, Smiles and Ava become entrenched in a local music scene rife with interpersonal conflict and cocky oneupmanship, as well as ambitious, entrepreneurial-minded artists looking for the kind of big break Ava & Smiles might be offering. Ultimately, everyone involved must choose to either take a chance on the unexpected or settle for the status quo

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